Custom Business Cards: Worth the Expense?.

A professional business card will say more about you and your business than any other tool in the market. You need a card which looks good, which tells what you do and make it easy in order to contact you. Here are some of the necessary factors to create a great business card.


Purpose of Your Business Card

Your name is the biggest part of your business car, where eyes can pick it out without searching. Avoid the old trap of the name and phone number in the lower right corner. Your business card’s purpose is to get the people to remember and contact you. A fancy logo of the company is not you. You are the most important element of your business card.


The most important element of the new business card must be according to your preferred method of communication. If you are a cell phone junkie, then your cell phone number is the most essential thing on your business card. If email is your thing, then your address must be prominent and near the name. There’s no need to post the contact method. An option is to add the logo of the company at the corner of your business card.


Design Your Logos Professionally

Never use the clip art in order to create your logo. No logo looks better than the clip art book. You can have the logos professionally designed less than $500 bucks. Condense the elevator speech which will fit your business card, under your name and the contact information. Your name, contact information and the elevator speech are important than the other elements of your business card. These are essential than the paper stock, colors or fonts.


If you have never met you in your business card, these can determine who you are and how you can help them. Never take your business cards for granted. There is lot to know about using and creating the business cards as an advertising tool.


Select a Suitable Font for Business Cards

Most of the people believe that the pictures say a thousand words. When it comes to the fonts, these display emotion. There are different fonts that portray various messages and while picking one out, you must consider who your target market are because, they determine to get the businesses you are targeting. For example, the large and the bold fonts display your business as trendy and energetic while the reverse may display it as an old business. On the other hand, if you use the italics, these might appeal to the younger generation while the older generation may shy away from your business and thus, you should never overlook these factors.


It’s very important to note that in most of the cases, the fonts are what that  determines if someone is able to seek after your services, before selecting a font, you can ask yourself what message you intend in order to pass on to your clientele list.


You can also view some of the previous business cards. The logos among the other advertisement stuff in order to see the fonts used and the emotions they evoke in you. In this way you can better be placed in order to select a suitable font for your business cards. Some of the common fonts used for the business cards include Verdana, Georgia, MS Sans Sarif, Serif, Tahoma, Courier New, Times New Roman and others. With the above facts in mind, it will be easy for you to select the right font.


Embossed Business Cards

The benefit of an embossed business card is its ability to stand out. It looks quite different. It elicits a cool reaction which every business owner hopes for. The more is the impression your business card makes is to achieve the desired result. Thus, it generates more business.


What to emboss?

You can emboss the logo or any other shape which you can think of. You are only limited by your creativity. The embossed business cards have certain customization options. For instance, you can blind emboss, whereby the images are raised. There is embossing with the ink that coats the raised area with the color. There is a foil embossing, which coats the image with a shiny metallic coat. There are some of the drawbacks of embossed business cards.


First is the additional expense. Because of the custom design, die creation and effort which is required there is considerable additional expense compared to the other stand out options. Thus, these can’t be produced as quickly. For many businessmen, this can’t be a big deal as the expense is outweighed by the added benefit and response your business card generates.


Second, printing at the back of the embossed business cards is not advisable for definite reasons. Proponents of double-sided business cards can be deterred by this.


Are embossed business cards right for you?

Finally, an embossed business card has less flexibility and less room for the content, limiting the amount information on your business card to the basic contact information. Those who want to add the additional content, bullets, selling points, images, offers etc. in addition to the basic contact information, which will find that an embossed business card may not be the best option.


Is your idea of your embossed business card unique, creative and attention grabbing in order to justify it as an option? There are several options which will be unique, like the lenticular cards, the die cut cards, plastic business cards which offer greater opportunity and flexibility to stand out without limiting the content of the card.


Before you decide, check the money and time saving resource. You need to discover the reviews, deals and the ideas for the embossed business cards but the best business cards in unique shapes and materials.


Luxury Business Card Styles

The gloss and the matt laminated business cards are desired and offered by the print manufacturing firms. The matt laminate has the tendency to the dull colors which has a sophisticated look. The matt lamination is prone to show the fingerprints, scrapes and scuffs and on black and deep colors. The gloss lamination colors up and make these more vibrant.


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