Booklet Binding for Booklet Printing



The range of various binding options at the printing services looks intimidating. The choice is usually clear cut. The binding style is as important as the design in the quality of booklet printing. You can also check the main styles of binding for booklet printing in order to ensure the job turns out as planned.


Wire binding

The wire binding are also like the same process. The holes are punched along the side of the document and the trade printer uses special machine in order to insert a wire coil that acts as a ‘hinge’ for your booklet. It’s appropriate for large documents and when you want the reader to remove the pages from the booklet. Wire binding allows the pages to be torn out, without compromising the sturdiness of any page.


The large documents are suitable for wire binding, but you need to allow the space for binding in the booklet design. The amount of the space required will depend on the number of pages your document has, as this will dictate the size of the wire coil. You can use the non-standard size paper in order to accommodate the space for binding, but this will incur extra cost.


Saddle Stitching

The saddle stitching involves folding of the pages of booklet printing in half and stapling these along with the fold. It’s used for booklets to a certain number of pages that will vary depending on the printing service. The booklets around 60 pages can be saddle stitched without the spine of the booklet bulging.


When the trade printer saddles your job, some of the services will require that you impose the pages, while some of them will do this for you. Imposing these pages involves setting up the page numbers so that the numbers appear when the staples are in place. It’s easier to set up the document as the single pages than the facing pages if you want to have it saddle stitched; either you or the trade printer can impose the pages more easily.


Perfect binding

The perfect binding is the type that you can see in the commercial books with flat spine, those with vertically printed title that allows you to see the book when it’s in the bookshelf. The ‘paperback’ or the ‘soft cover’ books are the perfect bound. The printing service separates the pages into several sections and the sections are glued at the inside of the spine. You will get a seamless look and involves more materials and time than either wire binding or saddle stitching and will be more expensive.


If the document is more than 600 pages, most of the book printing services will recommend splitting to volumes or else the perfect binding becomes unstable. The book must be of 60 pages to give room for printing on the spine.


Custom Staple Positioning

Sometimes, a simple staple is all that you need, but the saddle stitching is very secure. If you want people to flip through your book or tear pages, using a custom staple position is another binding option offered by the printing services. They will place them along the top or diagonally at the corner.


Tips for Booklet Content

While writing for a booklet, it will be a challenge to know what you write. Was it something which you read or heard from anyone else? Is it a notion that you formulated on your own? Is it the combination of internal or external things?


You need to stay away from anything that has the registration of service mark or the trademark, especially for the beginners. Also stay away from the acronyms that someone has developed and has been associated for a period of time. It’s better to use common sense and information in the public domain. The basic things cannot get you into any trouble.


How to Save Money with Presentation Booklet?

If you have to present your company services to a potential client, you need to speak about your services for the professionals in your industry. You need to introduce your project to the board of directors for approval. There are many who present their knowledge to the others in the business setting at some point.


If you are presenting to your clients or to a group of colleagues, you need to deliver your information very effectively. Creating the professional presentation booklet that can help you organize the message and keep the attention of the audience. They can use the read-along booklet for your presentation. The booklet can reinforce your message. You can add extra information in the presentation booklet, so you can continue reading after you have sparked the interest in the topic. Here are some of the suggestions for professional and effective presentation booklet.


  • Make your booklet a hard copy of the PowerPoint
  • Give your audience an overview of the company or at the background of the presentation.
  • You can leave space in the booklet so that the audience can write the thoughts and take notes during the presentation.
  • You must focus on the booklet on the facts related to your presentation
  • You can leave the contact information which you can mention at the end of the presentation booklet.


Presentation Booklet Ideas

You need to think of creative ideas in the presentation booklet. You can also take your information to the local printing company or the printing site and can create the booklet for you.  This will be a bit expensive, depending on the size and the quality of the presentation booklet. The paper type, color print and the binding type are some variables which will affect the price.


If you want to create a presentation booklet more than one, it will be more economical to get the materials to make it yourself. You can have access to higher quality printer. You can need to purchase the binding machine and the supplies for the booklet, like the papers and the covers. After the initial costs, you need to enjoy the convenience and low expense of producing presentation booklets.


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