Inexpensive color printing

Color Copies vs Color Copies Deals

Inexpensive color printing

Gone are the days when everything used to be printed in black and white copies. Even when color printing was introduced, it was a lot more expensive to print color copies as opposed to black and white ones. Costs associated with color printing have dropped drastically over the past couple of years. Because of the inexpensive color printing, content which used to be printed in black and white is now being printed in color.

Why has this change occurred? This change has been a result of major strides in printing technology. The technology is so advanced that printing a content in color costs just as much as what it cost for the same content to be printed in grayscale or black and white copy a couple of decades back. Inexpensive color printing means that a lot more publishers want their content to be published in color.

What has technology changed in the process for cheaper color printing to be possible? Have you looked at picture of a beautiful sunset and wondered at the many colors you saw? Do you think the printer which printed out that picture had all those colors separately loaded into it? The answer is no. The concept of modern printing is what most of us would have come across in middle school; the theory of primary and secondary colors.

It’s a very simple theory; secondary colors can be produced by the combination of two or more different primary colors. For example if you combine the primary colors; red and blue, you get the secondary color; purple. Just by extrapolating this simple principle to a larger scale, modern scientists have achieved Inexpensive color printing. How modern printers print a colorful picture is one thin layer at a time; each layer is printed in a different color and the juxtaposition of different colored layers throughout the picture means different colors can be achieved in different places in the same picture. Precision lasers control the thickness and position of each color so that the printed image is the exact replica of the original image. This is very different from the black and white copies of the old days.

So it’s time now to say Goodbye to the Grayscale and Eastman colored pictures which made the world we look at dull. So the next time you visit a printing press to get something printed make sure to ask for it to be printed in color. ”Inexpensive Color Printing” has made our world a more colorful place to live in. 

Color has really revolutionized the printing industry and technology is progressing at a fast pace to make even bigger strides in the industry. Faster and better quality is becoming a reality and lowering your costs of printing. You do not have to hesitate about printing colors anymore because Inexpensive Color Printing is here to stay. So brighten up your ads and promotional material using color and see the increase in customers and sales. With an increase in sales you will also see growth in business and profits.

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